Ritual Scent Signature Incense

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Ritual Scent Signature Incense
Ritual Scent Signature Incense
Ritual Scent Signature Incense
Ritual Scent Signature Incense
Ritual Scent Signature Incense

This signature incense is hand made in small batches in Greece by a third-generation family following the centuries-old tradition that is maintained on Holy Mount Athos.

This European incense burns on charcoal discs (sold separately) and one piece is enough to enchant your entire space with a beautiful, delicate perfume.


An evocative fragrance that echoes the drifting aromas of sacred spaces in the ancient city of Byzantium. A gorgeous mix of ancient spikenard, aloeswood, ambergris, musk, frankincense, myrrh, balsam, and indigo, this is a spiritually uplifting scent that can be burned to help clear spaces and create temple-like tranquility. 


Refresh your soul with this joyous soothing incense. Reminiscent of being outdoors under a beautiful sunlight sky is captured in this scent with its uplifting aroma.

Our signature incense range is one of the most beautiful and uplifting scents. Place a piece of this incense on charcoal when you want to infuse your space with a soft floral scent. 


Emerald pine, fir trees, and green patchouli fuse effortlessly with the fresh coolness of spring water and a woody hint of oak moss to create a fresh aroma. This incense will transport you to a quiet dewy forest, where redwoods and other trees form a canopy over the ferns that carpet the ground. Bring nature home.


Velvety, soft, and mysterious, this incense is named after a fragrance that evokes the time of day when it is more dark than light, the bluish dusk that anticipates nightfall and before the first stars start to appear in the sky. This incense evokes notes of neroli, jasmine, orchid, and sandalwood. This incense is mysterious, elegant, and timeless.


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