It Smells Good In Here


Monday - Saturday 10 am - 5pm

In Store Shopping options are by appointment or by chance*

Book via Facebook or Call 573.445.1611

How does this work?

EVERYONE must wear a mask

If you don't have one, we will give you one.

Related groups of 4 or less in the store at one time

We prefer card or check.  Cash is doable as long as you do not need change

(we keep no cash on premises presently)

Yes- you can smell ALL the things!  All testers are off the shelves, we will put everything on paper for you and just ask that you step aside before removing your mask to take a sniff.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  ooxx

*By Chance-  as long as no one is in the store, you are welcome to come in and shop.  If we have an appointment coming soon, we will let you know our time is limited. We now have a BUZZER system! If we have other customers in the shop, we will give you a buzz when it is your turn! (works on our block of 9th Street)

25 South 9th Street

Columbia, MO 65201

573.445.1611   800.250.2290