Perfume and Designer Oil

Makes Scents specializes in perfume oils–concentrated long lasting fragrances–that contain no alcohol, and may be worn directly on the skin or made into a cologne spray.

Let us help you create an original signature scent that is personalized for you alone.

Then use that signature scent in our lotions, bath gels and other unscented products.  Scent our unscented products as lightly or as strong as you desire.  And with so many bath and shower products, lotions, and hair care products, layering scent is easy.

Perfume oils may also be used for home fragrancing in light bulb rings and diffusers, as well as in soap and candle making.

Makes Scents also carries high- quality essential oils that may be purchased by the bottle, by the drop or custom blended into Makes Scents products.  Pricing and availabilty vary due to market conditions, call for information.

A certified Aromatherapist is on staff, ask for Christina.